Aquaman movie Easter eggs you missed

Like any good movie adapted from a comic book with years of history. Aquaman had a few cool easter eggs put there to reward eagle-eyed comics fans. That only makes sense if you brushed up on your comic book history. Here are some Aquaman Easter eggs that you may have missed in the movie.

GBS News

It’s no secret that tons of movies and TV shows try to make themselves seem more real. By enlisting the help of real-world media personalities to talk about the fictional events or characters you’re watching. When the characters in Aquaman flip on the news, the anchors sit behind a desk at GBS. A fictional network pulled straight from the pages of DC Comics. The comic readers know that in 1971 Superman #233 Clark Kent gave TV a shot working as a news anchor for WGBS.

Coast City News Paper

Every DC Comics superheroes have their own fictional locales, where they hang their capes. Aquaman’s no different the battle for Atlantis. Another scene in the movie seemed to lay the foundation for a different superhero. Who we haven’t actually met in this version of the DC Extended Universe. During the one and only credit scene, we see a clipping from a newspaper asking about the identity of Aquaman. The newspaper itself is the Coast City Gazette. Presumably the hometown paper for another important DC Superhero Green Lantern. If you saw the Ryan Reynolds starring Green Lantern movie from 2011. You’re probably already familiar with Coast City. But except for a small cameo during a flashback scene in Justice League. Green Lantern is still MIA from this incarnation of DCs movie verse. This small newspaper clipping lay the groundwork for Green Lantern and pending return.

Topo the Octopus

DC Comics fans know that Aqua man has a sidekick who usually goes by the name Aqualad. Aquaman has yet another sidekick who really gets the respect he deserves. Topo, the octopus eight arms Sentinel of justice. Who Aquaman taught to play several instruments at once, mostly so he could play Happy Birthday should the need arise. Filmmakers wisely decided not to go so far as to have Arthur hang out with his octopus pal. However, one has indeed confirmed that totally makes an appearance of the movie anyway, he’s not easy to miss. He’s the giant octopus playing the drums during the Ring of Fire battle scene between Arthur and King.

Traveling to the centre of earth

The sea in the center of the Earth could actually be one of the most Easter eggs you could imagine. In the mid-1970s, DC Comics published a series called Warlord. About a Air Force pilot who crashed lands in a place called Skartaris. A lush jungle land filled with fantastic creatures and dinosaurs. In the third act of the movie, Aquaman and Mera find themselves in a mysterious land in the center of the earth.

Which is filled with lush jungle and dinosaurs were reunited with Atlanta. Atlanta that she was alone the entire time she was there that might mean that wherever she been might not actually be scarred territories Simply that she never managed to encounter any of the land’s inhabitants. Maybe Warner Brothers will announce a warlord adaptation coming to the big screen any day now. But until they do this Easter egg might not be as fresh as the others.

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