Captain Marvel trailer 3 ester eggs and details

We get the new trailer of Captain Marvel. This trailer is giving some more details about the movie. This trailer gives us about the birth of the MCU. We see some close shot of Captain Marvel and the Skrulls. How they transform themselves into a different person.

The trailer starts with the 90s song on the jukebox. So we get the little about the Secret Invasion storyline from the comics. Like in the comics they are invading the planet earth. Super Skrulls are capable of shapeshifting and they can copy the power of another superhero. It’s not totally like comics but in the future of MCU and we might see the secret invasion storyline.

In new Captain Marvel trailer, we get the one Terminator reference when she is traveling on the bike. She has some jackets on. Which she gets from the Rob Krinsky. He is having some funny part in the movie. She fights with and takes his bike and jacket similarly Schwarzenegger. If you see the hair cut off Nick Fury it looks similar to the movie Die Hard 3.

We get the Avengers Initiative reference in the trailer. When Talos says are you going to find someone like her. He was trying to say that if Nick Fury is going to find someone like Captain Marvel. She is the second after Captain America according to Nick Fury. After that Nick says it just the beginning. Which gives reference to the post-credit scene of Iron Man. Where he says Tony Stark that you are not the only one which he refers to Captain Marvel and Captain America.

There is some fight scene of Captain Marvel and Jude Laws character. Where he teaches her to fight after that not to think about his past. Thereafter she says she does not remember his past.

There was a little joke about the where she asked Nick about the logo on his hat. She says you are announcing your self wherever you are going. people like Spider-Man or Captain America that wear their logo on their chest as you announce about them. Likewise he criticizes Captain Marvel about her rubber suit.

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