Spiderman Far From Home trailer breakdown

After months of waiting Marvel finally released the trailer of Spiderman far From Home. There are lots of easter eggs and reference. We will get to see the new suits of Spiderman. In Spiderman Far From Home, our friendly neighborhood Spiderman is going to fight some new or multiple villains.

The trailer starts with Spiderman is a special guest in the homeless support organization with Aunt May. Like she did in the comics and new spiderman ps4 game. After knowing Peter’s identity in spiderman homecoming, both are working together. After that Happy comes in with a check. Happy flirts with Aunt May and Peter feels awkward.

So he is going to Europe trip with his friends. Aunt May tells Peter to take his suit but he refuses. He needs some break from spidey thing. We will be going to see the love chemistry between MJ and Peter.

Spiderman meets Nick Fury and he shot his friend. He meets him like he meets Tony in Ironman 1. In next scene Nick Fury and Agent Maria Hill shooting Magnum one of the Elementals. Then we see Hellfire on London bridge. Then Happy said you are all alone. Which means two things either Ironman is dead or Ironman wants to lead alone.

After that, we see the Hydron where Peter fights with him. Then Mysterio appears from the smog. He and Spidey fight with the Hydron and defeated him.

The trailer ends with music of spiderman’s music. At the end of the trailer, all are watching the news about Hydroman and Mysterio fight. Then peters friend says about the Mysterio that he looks like Ironman and Thor rolled in one. Which is happened in the comics. Then Flash Thompson tells MJ how he respects Spiderman. So if Sony and Marvel’s contract will increase then we may see the Agent Venom movie.

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