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In the Avengers endgame trailer, we have got a glimpse of Clinton Barton’s return. But not as Hawkeye he is returning to the MCU with a whole new persona Ronin. You’re wondering what the deal is, with this mysterious new Ronin persona. Let’s know about the history of this Hawkeyes new Ronin persona in Marvel comics.

Maya Lopez as Echo

Clint Barton isn’t the first Marvel Comics character to wear the mask of Ronin. This Ronin identity wouldn’t appear in comic books until 2005. The first character to wear the costume of Ronin debuted in 1999. Her name is Maya Lopez aka Echo. She made her first appearance in the pages of Daredevil issue nine. Maya has the ability to exactly mimic any action. She’s ever seen from any fighting skills to anything. When she met Daredevil the attraction was a media and the to promptly fell in love.

Unfortunately, like many of much Murdock’s relationships this very month that didn’t end well. Maya was manipulated by the Kingpin to believing that Daredevil has killed a father. A mind game that convinced her to try and kill the vigilante. She soon found out that the Kingpin himself was the one who killed her father, so she shot him in the face and then vanished for a while.

Ronin’s first that came in the pages of New Avengers during a battle against Hydra other hands on the Yakuza affiliated Yoshida clan. Captain America recruited the mysterious fighter onto the Avengers. During Ronin’s first appearance real identity was kept a mystery from the readers. Make readers think that who the new hero was with a loose-fitting costume featuring a full face mask. It could be anyone the mystery established, Ronin wasn’t just a new superhero it was an identity. This identity any Marvel character could use for good purposes.


A 2004 story arc Avengers disassemble resulted in the apparent desk have multiple Avengers. Including Scott Lang, the Vision and Hawkeye but death is really a permanent condition in comic books. Hawkeye is returning to life because of reality-altering powers of Scarlet Witch. Clint came back to life he had trouble returning to his work as Hawkeye. Later Kate Bishop had taken on the Hawkeye name for herself as a member of the Young Avengers. While everyone would eventually agree that the world was just fine with two Hawkeyes. Clinton didn’t feel that way of first before taking up his old name again. He also did a stretches Ronin after Clint met the first Ronin entering a rescue mission. she passed the costume to him, explaining that the identity it served its purpose for her. It was his to use for as long as he needed it.

Russian Ronin

Clint reverted to talk identity in 2010 when the Avengers reformed after the events of the civil war. While the end of Clint tenure as the hero It was not the end of Ronin. The next time Ronin showed up was during the crossover in 2010. The Black Widow-centric story kicked off with the murder of several Russian spies by a group led by Ronin. When a team of Russian superheroes tried to arrest Hawkeye for the killings, everyone soon realized that someone else was wearing the mask. He is a leader of a criminal group the Dark Ocean Society this time.

Ronin’s real identity was Alexi, also known as the first Red Guardian. This character can be seen as a Soviet Union’s answer, Captain America. He was also the black widow’s ex-husband. His plan is Ronin was to use this identity in Dark Ocean Society to restore Russia to its former Soviet glory. But the heroes were able to take him down. They also apparently took the road in costume back home with them, but it gets in a box for a couple years Avengers HQ.

The Vampire Slayer Blade

When the Mighty Avengers series is launch in 2013. They were accompanied by a new mysterious hero this fight kept his identity secrets to avoid attention from his enemies. The mysterious Day Walker’s, so he get the first costume that was available. A Neon green and pink bootleg Spider-Man costume with spider hero written on the chest. Spider hero was confusing character both for comic book readers and the characters teammates. Unlike other spider people, he didn’t climb walls or shoot webs, and then steady beat up bad guys have a pair of nunchaku. Basically behaving more like a ninja turtle than a spiderman, making things more mysterious. He also seems to have some knowledge of the mystical arts the spider hero costume that didn’t last too long in the series.

By the fourth issue, the mysterious good guy got gift the devoting costume help keep his identity a secret and a slightly more professional looking way. Finally, in Mighty Avengers issue nine. He has of this mastermind was reveal he was none other than Eric Brooks. Better known to most audiences as a vampire slayer Blade.

The End Game trailer finally answers the question of what’s Clint Barton is up to since the events of Captain America Civil War. His outfit show seems to look like they’re running costume. What inspired him to take up the sword. We have an idea, but it’s not a pleasant one Avengers Age of Voltron. It showed us that whole career the whole life outside of his work as a covert operative with a beautiful family on a peaceful farm.

After the end of civil war, he retired to be with his wife and children sitting out Infinity War until Thanos Snap. It seems very likely that Clint’s family was a part of the 50% of life. But fellows decimated meaning that Clint to watch them fade away into dust. The horror of that seems like more than enough to inspire Clint to take on a darker identity. Go to another country and start stabbing people that he succeeded beating Thanos where the others failed. That will be worth watching him as Ronin

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