Avengers Endgame this 5 Characters can save Tony

Avengers Endgame trailer gives us some important details and plots of the next movie. Avengers Endgame will decide the fate of Tony Stark. One thing was everybody shocked about is that Tony is drifting in the space with no food and water. Oxygen will run out next day. So, how he will be saved. There is a number of characters that can save Tony Stark in Avengers Endgame.

Paper Potts

So while describing his situation Tony say, “there are no promises of Rescue more it sound“. Where he mentioned Paper Potts. In the comics, Paper Potts took the identity of RESCUE when Tony Stark get a break from his superhero life. But I don’t think she will be able to find Tony in Galaxy like a needle in Haystack. His only armor is not for the traveling in the space


Thor is one of the characters who can travel in the space. Now due to his new hammer Strombreaker which can summon Bifrost. But the thing is how he will know Tony is alive. Eventually, if he finds them then how will he save them. The bifroast can destroy the ship into pieces and they will die in the space.

Captain Marvel

So everyone knows that captain Marvel can travel in interstellar space without any Bifrost. At the end of Avengers Infinity War Nick Fury sent a message to Captain Marvel. In the Avengers Endgame while returning from the Kree She will meet stark and nebula and save them.


So, only Kraglin knows about the Guardians ship Benetar. Only he knows that last time where they were headed. So Nebula will send the distress signal to the Yondu’s interstellar spaceship because in the guardians of the galaxy she was with them she probably knows where to send the signal to contact with the Kraglin.In the Avengers endgame he maybe very important in saving Tony

Stakar and Other Ravagers

The probability of appearing these characters in Avengers Endgame is less. But while drifting in the space these bunch of ravagers find out the Tony and Nebula and save them. 


In the infinity war, only Rocket knows that last time Guardians were on the Benetar Ship. They headed towards the Knowere. So he will send the distress signal to the ship and thor will help him. Because Rocket is the only Guardian alive and only he is expert in flying and engineering in spaceship.


When Thor meets the Guardians he said that Thanos killed half of the Asgardians. While half of them must be gone out by taking a ship. So maybe Valkyrie, Korg, and Meek are alive. They must be finding the survivors so they find Tony and Nebula in Avenegrs Endgame.

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